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My name is Nick, the owner and editor for the leading French frequent traveler site bloggrandvoyageur.fr. The site is entirely in French, except for this page. We are a small team and accept occasional contributions from independent writers.

As the name implies, our site attracts a select audience of French speaking « Grand Voyageurs » or frequent travelers who travel extensively for business or pleasure. Our readers are active elite status members in multiple airline and hotel loyalty programs and are interested in experiencing the highest quality transportation and accommodations during their travels.  We interact with our readers not only through our site, but also through other social media such as our Facebook fan site in French and our honest reviews on Trip Advisor in English. Currently we have 5000 monthly visitors and a growing number of Facebook fans.

The blog GV was also featured in a profile on the site Million Mile Secrets and has also appeared on other French sites such as Instinct Voyageur, La Page à Pageau, and Le Vrai Monde.

About Nick

Globe trotter since childhood, Nick loves traveling and sharing his experiences about his favorite places, airlines, and hotels so that you can more thoroughly enjoy your holidays. Multi lingual and citizen of the world, He is currently living in Japan for the second time, and have also lived in the Netherlands, Germany, India, the United States where he pursued his studies, and of course France until 2012.

He created his first web site in 1996 and the second followed one year later, but did not start this blog until end of 2010. Since the launch of blog Grand Voyageur, the site has become the frequent flyer « bible » in the French-speaking blogosphere with more than 10000 monthly page views.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave a comment on Facebook or use our contact page.

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